Prospector's Pouch featured on The Travel Channel - Cash & Treasures

In 2008, Prospector's Pouch had the honor of being featured on Cash & Treasures®, a series aired by the Travel Channel® as a half-hour documentary reality TV show. The show involves the two hostesses, Kirsten Gum and Becky Worley, exploring some of the most amazing locations in the world for interesting, unique, and rare natural treasures.

The crew came to Georgia to unearth stones called "Star Rose Quartz." The stones found were then taken to Dahlonega, Georgia to cut into cabachons and then brought to Kennesaw, Georgia to the Prospector's Pouch store to have a pendant custom made. At the "Pouch," the largest of the two stones was made into a pendant by our Master Jeweler/Designer Suzan Zimmerman. The Hostess of the show, Kirsten Gum, received instruction and made her own stone into a pendant, with the use of our shop.

The episode was called "Finding Star Rose Quartz in Georgia" and aired on April 16, 2008 at 10pm EST.

Ilene Smith with Producer Stacy WatersC.R. Smith with hostess Kirsten GumKirsten tries her hand at making custom jewelry in our shop
Owner, C.R. Smith, with the Travel Channel camera manInstructing Kirsten on how to make the pendant is our Master Jeweler Suzan Zimmerman
Kirsten making great progress on her workThe finished product: Star rose quartz set in sterling silver with pink tourmaline and 14 karat yellow gold accents