We have the experience, tools, and trained eyes necessary to provide full-service solutions for all of your jewelry needs and care. Your jewelry is a precious and meaningful investment; put it in the hands of those who have years of experience honing their craft and critical eye for excellence.


Prospector's Pouch is well equipped to handle nearly any jewelry repair. Our shop is staffed by technicians, gemologists, and sales personnel with over 140 years of combined experience between them, so there isn't much they haven't seen. Please bring your jewelry by our store so that we can properly assess what repairs may be necessary and how quickly we'll be able to return your item to you.


That beautiful new shine and deep luster will tarnish and fade over time and hard use. We can bring that beauty back through our refinishing techniques and cleaning processes.


Our experienced eyes will be able to quickly ascertain the value of your jewelry or gemstones and properly document the value for you.

Unique Castings & Custom Designs

Prospector's Pouch takes great pride in the boundless creative abilities of its artists. Custom creations are in our blood; just take a stroll through our showroom full of striking handmade jewelry that was carefully wrought by precise and time-honored methods. We would love to talk with you about your unique vision and work closely with you to make it a reality.